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  • Smartphone-connected Baby Monitor Security Camera

    Unlike other security video cameras, the Secueyes OCam features the ability to live stream video from your iOS/Android smartphone, tablet or at any time. So you can now be on the go, yet still so close to home!

    We loved the 720 HD video, 105° field-of-view and advanced night vision. These make it the perfect security device for the baby's room, your home’s points of entry, basements, garages, pets' room, elder care or business office.

    It has a Two-Way Audio capability for easy interaction (think Skype), and the Motion Detector can be programmed to send you warning notifications or e-mails immediately. Finally, record and save your favorite videos and pictures in the Micro SD memory card!

    With only a few minutes required for setup, it’s now easier than ever to stay connected with your home and the people who you love, wherever you are.


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  • Superior Bidet for Front and Rear Cleaning

    Extremely popular in Japan and other Asian countries, these innovative toilet bidets will leave you feeling "shower clean" after every toilet visit. Imagine never having to wipe again... Forget the messiness and hassle of using the toilet paper!

    It is a little bit funny to use at first, but once you get used to it, you will realize this little gem will revolutionize your life. After all, we use the toilets many times a day, so we feel it is totally worth the investment.

    The adjustable water temperature is a great addition for those cold nights and mornings. Easily installed in minutes, it will allow you to cut down on toilet paper consumption by 75% to 100%.

    Both of our male and female staff had no problem using it, and the feedback was remarkable. It’s your turn to make the change; we promise you won’t regret it!


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  • Ultimate Strength & Comfort Non-Slip Bath Pillow

    The Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow features seven heavy-duty suction cups to keep it in place in any tub, spa or jacuzzi.

    The cushion is made of ultra soft waterproof material with more than 2" of luxurious padded foam for incredible comfort and support for your head, neck and shoulder. You can finally bring your bed to the bath.

    The waterproof material dries quickly and keeps mildew out. It has an amazing 10-year refund policy, but we loved it so much we don’t think we will get to use the warranty. Yes, it’s that good.


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  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Cup with Two Smart Lids

    The ingenious vacuum insulated mug prevents air from entering and will keep your beverage at the desired temperature, hot or cold, for an extended period of time. No more wet glasses, no more hot glasses!

    The two lids are the cleverest part of this product. One is a clear lid, so you’ll always know what's in your cup or how much is left. And the other is a sliding lid, so you can also insert your own straw and conveniently enjoy your favorite beverage!

    The premium BPA-free Stainless Steel is nearly unbreakable, pleasantly eco-friendly, non-toxic, and easy to wash.

    The Lifetime Warranty is sure to provide you with extra peace of mind. And you can get a special discount with coupon code: COOLERS5 when you buy 2 or more!


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  • Professional DIY Hair Removal Laser by Tria

    For the ladies out there: you can now achieve laser smooth skin from head-to-toe in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments!

    The Hair Removal Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology used by dermatologists to deliver 70% hair reduction within 3 months.

    Other features include faster a treatment time, digital display and pulse counter to make sure you get the best possible results.

    If you’re looking for a gift for your wife, you can’t go wrong with this one!


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  • Bamboo Fiber Bread Box with Cutting Board Lid

    Made of light yet sturdy Bamboo fiber, this environmentally-friendly bread box doubles as a cutting board with grooved crumb catchers to keep your kitchen clean and litter free. Also, the natural air tight seal keeps bread fresh for longer.

    It looks elegant in the kitchen, and can be conveniently taken out to picnics.


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  • Automatic Lawn Mower

    Mow your lawn from your own lawn chair!

    No need to sweat a whole afternoon under the sun anymore! Programmable on a weekly basis, this ingenious machine will self-charge back to its station if the battery is low or starts raining.

    The AIA technology allows the lawnmower to make intricate cuts and navigate the narrowest and most delicate passageways. It’s as quiet as a whisper and can even climb hills up to twenty degrees.

    No more gas pollution as it runs on a rechargeable 28-volt battery.


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  • Self-propelling Snow Blower

    Using technology usually found in walk-behind lawn mowers, this snow blower uses self-propelled blowers to clear snow out quickly and effortlessly.

    The all-steel design shreds up heavy wet snow and ice that would normally be problematic with traditional plowing methods.


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  • Intelligent Hot and Cool Fan

    This hot and cool fan uses patented Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful stream to heat/cool rooms quickly and efficiently.

    The intelligent thermostat precisely monitors the room so there is no wasted energy. Perfectly safe for small children as there are no spinning blades or heating elements.

    It comes with a remote and is effective all year round!


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  • Self-charging, Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Roomba

    This is perfect for those sensitive to allergies or simply don’t have time to vacuum your own floor.

    It does a fantastic job (better than humans). You might need to clean out the interior bin every fifteen minutes the first time you use it because it will pick up so much trash and dust you never knew even existed.

    It self-charges and is programmable to work on a weekly schedule.


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  • Aqua Jet Deep Clean Top Load Washer

    Cut laundry time in half! The diamond drum load can fit more than two loads of clothes.

    Using Aqua Jet Deep Clean Technology, clothes will guarantee to come out cleaner and softer.

    From delicate to rugged, this machine can do everything!


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  • Torrent Magnetic Drive Blender

    Simplify blending with the push of a button. Each preset formula has a unique range of speeds, pulses and times for different blending recipes.

    The best feature is that you can set-and-forget. Dial up exactly what you want and let the blender do the rest. It turns off automatically and you’ll hear a pleasant chime sound when the blending is finished.

    It crushes ice beautifully and is much quieter than conventional blenders.


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  • Professional Vacuum Coffee Maker

    The new cool way to make coffee!

    This groundbreaking coffeemaker not only makes the whole experience extremely entertaining, it also brews the purest professional-grade cup of coffee… right from your kitchen. You'll have to taste it to believe it!

    No wonder nearly every Scandinavian household uses this kind of coffeemaker.


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  • Ultimate Bedside Caddy

    This solves all the problems for all the small things you always misplace or lose around your bed.

    Perfect for people who enjoy reading, watching TV, and using laptops or iPads on their bed, the convenient bedside storage can lets you easily reach your amenities, such as cellphones, remotes, magazines, books, etc.

    You can even safely store your electronics while charging them. Includes a Lifetime Guarantee. 


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  • Premium Stainless Steel Herb 5-Blade Scissor Set

    This is your secret weapon for cooking!

    Cut and chop herbs with the highest quality stainless steel scissors. Use the cleaning comb to push off remaining herbs with just a snap. No mess ever.

    The product also comes with a beautiful blade cover and a completely covered Lifetime Guarantee.  


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  • Best-seller Spin-Scrub Vacuum Cleaner

    This has been the best-selling vacuum cleaner on Amazon for the longest time, and for good reasons!

    Put simply, it helps extend the life of your carpet by meticulously vacuuming using its “Exclusive SpinScrub Technology” 360° cleaning fibers. Instead of “rolling” through the carpet like traditional vacuum cleaners, the multiple brushes spin for constant carpet contact and minimal damage.

    Cleaning is a breeze with no mess or tools with its Smart Tank System.

    Also comes with 8-foot hose and upholstery tool for stairs and other narrow areas and a Wash/Rinse selector for cleaning carpets with liquid solution. 


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  • Food Sealing Vacuum System with Bags

    Keep food fresh FIVE times longer using 40% less material than traditional Food Sealing appliances.

    This sleek and easy-to-operate product is guaranteed to spare you tons of hassle. It uses a superior advanced technology to make preserving all sorts of foods a piece a cake (no pun intended). 

    Besides, the removable drip tray ensures no mess when it's time to clean.


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  • Multipurpose Foldable Over-The-Sink Drying Rack

    Use this tough stainless steel dish rack to dry your dishware by draining water directly into the sink or air-drying your fruits and vegetables.

    The rack is also super heat-resistant so you can place hot pots on the rack or run boiling water.

    We loved that the mat can dry very quickly and be rolled up for easy storage!

    Ingeniously designed to withstand rust and wear-and-tear from constant use.


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  • Collapsible Over-The-Sink Colander Strainer

    Stop scalding your hands holding your usual handled strainer. Now, you can rinse your favorite pasta, vegetables or fruit hands-free!

     The rugged construction allows the colander to stand on its own OR just simply extend the handles to allow it to fit across the sink. It holds up to six quarts and folds flat to about an inch and a half for convenient storage.

    Perfect for college dorms, small apartments, and large island kitchens! It is made of FDA approved food-grade silicone, so you won't have to worry about your family’s health while cooking.   


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  • Collapsible Over-The-Sink Dish Drainer

    Perfect for small apartment kitchens, this compact dish drainer collapses to around two-thirds of its original height for easy storage when you’re finished.

    It can hold eight plates up to ten inches in diameter and includes a removable silverware tray.

    Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 


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  • Fold-out Convertible Desk

    Save precious floor space with this convertible foldout desk!

    Gorgeous, well designed and easy to install, the top half of the desk is convenient storage area with adjustable shelves, bill organizers and corkboard and the bottom half as a writing desk.

    It folds back nice and neat.  


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  • Cocktail Table with Four Fitted Leather Seats

    A perfect blend of beauty and function.

    The “Marion” table collection made of birch veneer topped with a beveled float glass enhances the living space of any home décor.

    With four perfectly fitted tabletops stools, you can pull out plush leather seats anytime you need or push back into the cocktail table for storage.


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  • Hand-Finished Coffee Table with Fitted Storage Ottoman

    Combine beauty and convenience in one!

    Store your valuables inside the hand-finished ottoman while you admire the wooden coffee table with faux marble top.  


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  • Nested Space-Saving Five-Utensil Set

    Remove unnecessary clutter from your kitchen and save precious space using this clever utensil set.

    The small magnets in the handles of each utensil allow them to be stacked together.

    The premium-grade nylon guarantees against any discoloring, melting, chipping, or rusting. The hygienic, non-sticky surface doesn’t retain any smells or colors from previous foods.

    Because it’s also heat-resistant up to 464°F and machine washable, you never have to worry about the quality degrading over time.


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  • Hanging Boot Organizer

    What an ingenious way to hang your boots! 

    Taking less than five minutes to install, this best-selling system can be customized to save tons of space and still display your boots in an organized and aesthetic way! 


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  • Width-Adjustable Storage Rack Over Any Appliance

    This innovative yet simple shelf  is adjustable so it can fit over any washing/drying machine!

    Hang your towels on the metal bar and store your toiletries on two metal bar shelves.

    What a nifty way to create extra storage space!


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  • Closet Rack Space Doubler

    This is hands down the most efficient and economical way to double your closet space without drills or nails.

    Its sturdy, adjustable bars can fit different closet sizes and hold up to thirty pounds of clothing.

    The whole process of installing took less than two minutes!


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  • Space-Saving Stackable Shoe Organizer

    You rarely have the chance to wear all your shoes throughout the week, so save 50% of your precious space using these durable poly-resin shoe racks.

    Display your shoes in a more organized and aesthetic way without sacrificing convenience.

    ...And it’s the perfect gift for a wife who takes up the entire closet with her shoe arsenal.


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  • Space-Saving Foldable Table with Two Stools

    This ingeniously engineered table set is perfect for people who have limited space or need a wheel-able, space-saving table.

    The solid wood is high-grade with a durable finish. There are no cheap panels or flimsy fiber parts.

    It comes with two stools and easy to assemble. 


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  • Best Selling Rapid Egg Cooker

    A number one best-seller on Amazon for a reason! This egg cooker allows you to prepare a dozen eggs in under ten minutes!

    Simply select the number of eggs you want to boil, add water for soft, medium or hard eggs, and let the magic happen. You can even safely walk away after pressing “on” because the unit will turn off by itself after it’s finished boiling.

    You can also set it for poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and even customized omelets!

    This ingenious gadget is going to revolutionize your breakfast routine forever! And you won't believe how inexpensive it is...


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  • 5-in-1 utensil tool by Joseph Joseph

    This might just be the most practical cooking utensil!

    With five functions in one ingeniously built tool, you no longer have to rummage through your kitchen drawer looking for the correct utensil. Now, you have a slotted spoon, a turner, a solid spoon, spatula and a cutting tool. All heat-resistant and made of the toughest nylon.

    It’s a little weird to get used to at first but you can stir the rice, flip grilled cheese and strain brussel sprouts with the same tool. 

    Perfect for people who love to have everything in one!


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  • Elevated, Lockable Tongs

    These elevated tongs ensure proper hygiene, minimize mess, and saves you tons of time!

    The head of the tongs are always raised off the work surface and the two clamps are lockable with just the push of a button. That means you no longer have to worry about the “popping open” problem from conventional metal tongs. Simple yet so useful!


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  • Four-Piece Knife and Cutting Board Set

    A multi-award winning chopping board system, this innovative set reduces the likelihood of contamination of different food types.

    Each color-coded board and corresponding knife is designed to complete a specific task, such as preparing vegetables, fish, meat or cooked food.

    Everything fits conveniently in a stylish storage case.

    But be careful with the knives. They’re light but extremely sharp! 


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  • Two-in-One Balloon and Flat Whisk

    Two essential kitchen tools in one chic design! A flat whisk perfect for scraping and blending can be turned into a balloon whisk with just a simple turn of the handle.

    All parts can be dismantled for easy cleaning and twisted flat for efficient storage.

    Heat-resistant up to 520°F. 


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  • Twelve-in-One Multi-colored Plastic Food-Storage Containers

    The biggest problem with storage containers is how much space they take up in the kitchen when not in use. This product fits TWELVE storage containers into the space of one.

    Lids and Bases are all microwavable, freezable and dishwasher safe.

    The rubber linings of each container are color-coded so it’s easy to match and pop on and off.

    You can use the smaller ones to pack your kid’s lunchboxes and the bigger ones to store leftover dinner.


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  • Nine-Piece Bowl, Colander and Measuring Spoon Space-Saving Set

    This nine-piece food preparation set uses the absolute minimum amount of space.

    With a large non-slip base and wide carry handles, the bowls are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

    Perfect for those who want nine gorgeous bowls, colanders and measuring spoons without having to sacrifice precious kitchen space. 


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  • Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer with Stand

    We all know this moment: you used up more than half of your toothpaste, so you start to frantically squeeze  every little bit of remaining toothpaste to the top of the tube. It's testing your patience, killing your fingers, and wasting your time.

    Enough of that!

    With its ingenious Japanese design, the Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer finally solves this daily frustration and enables you to squeeze ALL the remaining toothpaste effortlessly.


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  • Four-in-one Bottle and Jar Opener

    Featured as one of best New Release on Amazon, this ingenious tool finally lets you open any size jar or container without any effort.

    It's an inexpensive lifetime investment for never hurting your wrist and hands ever again!

    Also, perfect for people with fake or delicate nails and campers. 


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  • Tri-Blade Vegetable and Fruit Spiralizer

    Perfect for health-conscious or food enthusiasts, the ingenious design of this allows you to turn fruits and vegetables into noodle-like spirals.

    From carrots and cucumber to sweet potatoes and squash, the spiralizer is highly versatile with three stainless steel blades. You can replace conventional pasta noodles with customized zucchini noodles or create dazzling cucumber ribbon strands.

    And the best part is that this compact shredder doesn’t require batteries or electricity.  


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  • Pitcher with Ice Cube Seperator by Bormioli Rocco

    Made from an Italian-made glassware company spanning two hundred years, this exquisite pitcher perfectly blends function and aesthetics.

    Crafted out of sturdy, thick glass, the pitcher is equipped with a separate ice compartment to keep your drink cold. Now your drinks will never be watered down anymore! 

    Besides, you won't have to worry about splashing everyone with ice cubes when pouring your drinks!


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  • No-Mess Tea-Brewing Pitcher

    This teapot is brilliant for its simplicity. It directly releases infused tea directly into the cup below while a mesh filter retains the remaining leaves and sediment. There will be absolutely no dripping or mess with one of the best infusers on the market.

    It stands out even more from the competition thank to how easy the filter is to clean (as opposed to the more expensive Teavana pitcher), so you'll be able to enjoy natural and freshly brewed tea every time.

    It was featured as one of best products on America’s Test Kitchens, and we think it totally deserved it!


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  • Handheld Strawberry Slicer

    You can easily cut five pounds of strawberries in less than ten minutes. With odorless steel precision blades, you can slice (NOT squash) through even the softest strawberries.

    Safer and easier than a knife, the slicer consistently produces evenly sliced berries with just the squeeze of a hand.


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  • Foldable Colander by Joseph-Joseph

    If you want to save precious countertop space in your kitchen, this is prefect solution.

    Using twelve hinges to go from flat to colander, you can easily wash or neatly store your produce. Dishwasher safe and ingeniously designed.


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  • Heavy-duty Cast Iron French Fry Cutter

    Make professional, restaurant-style French fries in your own kitchen! It’s as simple as placing the potatoes in the press and pressing down the handle.

    Clean, safe and made with heavy-duty cast iron and stainless steel, you can also seamlessly cut sweet potatoes, squash or carrots. 


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  • Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell

    Easily installed in just minutes, this is the world’s first battery-operated, HD video doorbell. The built-in motion sensors and night vision detect movement up to thirty feet away.

    So from anywhere in the world, you can see and talk to whoever is knocking at your door. The added bonus is you also have lifetime protection so in case something does happen, you can just get it replaced for free.


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  • Stainless Steel Meeting Knife Set by Deglon

    A space-efficient masterpiece of the kitchen. If you want to invest in a long-term knife set, this is as good as it will get.

    First prize in the 5th European Cutlery Design Award, this high-quality stainless steel set of knives are elegant, lightweight and a functional work of art.


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  • Wi-Fi Remote auto-sensor Thermostat System

    This smart thermostat system saves homeowners an average of 23 percent annually in energy bills. Ordinary thermostat systems only measure the temperature in one room, often wasting precious energy and causing unstable temperature changes.

    With up to 32 sensors and “Follow-me” technology, this Smart thermostat knows where you and your family are to help deliver the right temperature in the right places. It’s also compatible with “Alexa,” Amazon’s Echo system.


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  • Smart Echo Speaker by Amazon

    “Alexa, Wake me up in fifteen minutes.”

    “Alexa, when’s my next meeting?”

    “Alexa, turn off the lights.”

    In a world where everything is getting “smarter," this product could be one of the most useful products in your house. With already 3 million sets already sold, the company continues to update newer features in pursuit of a smarter home.

    You can control your lights, switches, thermostats, call up pizza from Domino’s, a ride from Uber, and, of course, listen to music with its 360° omnidirectional speaker. With seven built-in microphones, the Echo Speaker can hear you no matter how loud you put your music.


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  • Wireless Smart Lock with Remote Automation

    I’ll keep things simple: This will be a really awesome product if you don’t like carrying your keys around when you leave the house OR if you always want to know who is entering and leaving your house.

    Besides smartphone notifications of anyone entering, you can also program codes that work at certain times for house cleaners or babysitters. It’s a secure and weatherproof replacement for your house keys. 


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  • Wifi-Enabled Smart Slow-Cooker

    Sometimes, you just can’t make it back in time to cook dinner. Using the Smart Cooker, you now have the power to cook dinner wherever and whenever you want. And it’s completely safe!

    With WeMo-enabled technology, you can remotely switch the cooker to Keep-warm or OFF mode, increase or decrease the temperature/cooking time, and show the exact time when your meal will be ready.


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  • Transformable, Small, Light and Durable Travel Backpack

    This backpack is like a magic tent from the Harry Potter movies. It looks normal on the outside but a sprawling mansion inside. It unfolds from a small little pocket into a multi-pocket backpack capable of holding a ton of space!

    It feels really durable and can easily carry ten, fifteen pounds. We loved the fact that even though it’s so thin, it’s also waterproof and can keep all your things protected from the rain.

    The best thing is that there is a Lifetime Guarantee so in case anything does go wrong, you can just get one replaced instantly.


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  • Foldable Multi-Light LED Atmosphere Lamp

    I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is when you have the perfect lighting to do your paper and computer work.

    This super flexible and bendy goose-head lamp has three light settings that can be adjusted as well as a color spectrum circle you can rub to choose the color of the base. People are used to the sharp white light you see at the office but adding a yellow tint with the lamp makes the eyes feel really good when you use a computer for a long period of time.

    It's also really soothing, especially at night when I can choose a romantic setting with my wife.


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  • Frame Dish Rack with Drainage System

    Say goodbye to water residue and mold! With this ingenious design, water will always flow into the sink, so all your dishes will never have the hazard of accumulating bacteria or unwanted scum.

    Although this product might be a little on the pricy side, the investment to protect your family is definitely worth it.

    The quality of the dish rack requires very minimal care and seems like it will last for years!


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  • 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station

    This product is awesome because it allows you to fry perfect eggs and bacon at the same time as warming up your toast and cooking up a cup of coffee.

    This is indeed a breakfast making champion and is especially perfect for college students, campers and anyone who wants to save a little extra time! Because it’s so compact, cleaning up is also very easy.

    We love the fact that instead of using three separate machines to prepare your food, the 3 in 1 Breakfast Station will help you save electricity and money.


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  • 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

    This is a perfect tool for people who want to turn their imaginations into 3D artwork. Considered by many to be the most reliable 3D pen, the possibilities for creation are endless.

    Nothing is better than a handmade gift from loved ones! For example, surprise your mom with a bouquet of “hand-drawn” flowers for Mother’s day.

    We love the fact that it’s easy to learn and comes with 26 step-by-step projects.  


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  • "Unbreakable" Travel Umbrella

    I live in a very windy and rainy area so I decided to invest in a “StormProof” umbrella.

    I originally bought this umbrella primarily because of the groundbreaking design and I was quite impressed. This innovative design allows the wind to seamlessly flow past while protecting against the rain.

    It is quite pricy compared to a normal umbrella but the value is definitely way worth it if you live in a stormy place like Seattle.


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  • Self-Stirring and Spinning Mug

    Don't you hate it when sugar gets stuck at the bottom of your coffee? Don't have a spoon to stir your cream? Now, you just need to press a button and the coffee will "magically" stir itself.

    We bought this cup to write about it at first, but it became so useful and popular that nearly all of our staff now owns one.

    It's also a wonderful and inexpensive gift for any Star War’s fan. May the stirring force be with you!


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  • Heated Butter Grater

    Durable enough to cut through the coldest butter, this heated butter grater is just a simple yet incredibly intuitive solution to a problem everyone has to face.

    Our staff enjoyed this product because it’s one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-before products that make slicing and preparing butter that much easier. The thin strands of butter melted so quickly and spread without effort.


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  • Towel Hooks with a Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Holder

    This hook features an "Advanced SGS-Certified Suction Cup Technology", which makes it extremely strong, yet super easy to install.
    No tools, no drills, no holes in your walls! You simply place the product anywhere you see fit, turn the knob to tighten the suction cup, and this heavy-duty hook will be able to hold anything up to 15 lbs!
    Made of Solid Rust-Proof Stainless Steel, this elegant and modern item is the perfect answer for those in need of a reliable, stylish and convenient hook.

  • Soap Dish with a Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Holder

    This suction cup technology is what our staff is most impressed with.

    Personally, I would definitely pay a little extra for something this reliable instead of the normal Soap holders you see at Wal-Mart. It has been SGS certified to hold up to fifteen pounds. That’s pretty amazing considering how small this thing is. So unless you have a twenty-pound razor or soap bar, I highly suggest you buy this product for your kitchen or bathroom.

    And the best thing is that there is no need for power tools or ugly holes in your walls!


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