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Spending quality time outside of your house is just as crucial for your health. Check out our list of the most innovative Garden & Outdoors products!

Discover how these smart inventions can improve your looks and lifestyle when you’re on the go!


  • Transformable, Small, Light and Durable Travel Backpack

    This backpack is like a magic tent from the Harry Potter movies. It looks normal on the outside but a sprawling mansion inside. It unfolds from a small little pocket into a multi-pocket backpack capable of holding a ton of space!

    It feels really durable and can easily carry ten, fifteen pounds. We loved the fact that even though it’s so thin, it’s also waterproof and can keep all your things protected from the rain.

    The best thing is that there is a Lifetime Guarantee so in case anything does go wrong, you can just get one replaced instantly.


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  • Bamboo Fiber Bread Box with Cutting Board Lid

    Made of light yet sturdy Bamboo fiber, this environmentally-friendly bread box doubles as a cutting board with grooved crumb catchers to keep your kitchen clean and litter free. Also, the natural air tight seal keeps bread fresh for longer.

    It looks elegant in the kitchen, and can be conveniently taken out to picnics.


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  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Cup with Two Smart Lids

    The ingenious vacuum insulated mug prevents air from entering and will keep your beverage at the desired temperature, hot or cold, for an extended period of time. No more wet glasses, no more hot glasses!

    The two lids are the cleverest part of this product. One is a clear lid, so you’ll always know what's in your cup or how much is left. And the other is a sliding lid, so you can also insert your own straw and conveniently enjoy your favorite beverage!

    The premium BPA-free Stainless Steel is nearly unbreakable, pleasantly eco-friendly, non-toxic, and easy to wash.

    The Lifetime Warranty is sure to provide you with extra peace of mind. And you can get a special discount with coupon code: COOLERS5 when you buy 2 or more!


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  • Automatic Lawn Mower

    Mow your lawn from your own lawn chair!

    No need to sweat a whole afternoon under the sun anymore! Programmable on a weekly basis, this ingenious machine will self-charge back to its station if the battery is low or starts raining.

    The AIA technology allows the lawnmower to make intricate cuts and navigate the narrowest and most delicate passageways. It’s as quiet as a whisper and can even climb hills up to twenty degrees.

    No more gas pollution as it runs on a rechargeable 28-volt battery.


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  • Twelve-in-One Multi-colored Plastic Food-Storage Containers

    The biggest problem with storage containers is how much space they take up in the kitchen when not in use. This product fits TWELVE storage containers into the space of one.

    Lids and Bases are all microwavable, freezable and dishwasher safe.

    The rubber linings of each container are color-coded so it’s easy to match and pop on and off.

    You can use the smaller ones to pack your kid’s lunchboxes and the bigger ones to store leftover dinner.


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  • "Unbreakable" Travel Umbrella

    I live in a very windy and rainy area so I decided to invest in a “StormProof” umbrella.

    I originally bought this umbrella primarily because of the groundbreaking design and I was quite impressed. This innovative design allows the wind to seamlessly flow past while protecting against the rain.

    It is quite pricy compared to a normal umbrella but the value is definitely way worth it if you live in a stormy place like Seattle.


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