Innovative Bathroom Products You Never Heard Of, But Are Too Awesome to be Missed




Here is our list of the most innovative Bathroom products available on the Internet!


  • Superior Bidet for Front and Rear Cleaning

    Extremely popular in Japan and other Asian countries, these innovative toilet bidets will leave you feeling "shower clean" after every toilet visit. Imagine never having to wipe again... Forget the messiness and hassle of using the toilet paper!

    It is a little bit funny to use at first, but once you get used to it, you will realize this little gem will revolutionize your life. After all, we use the toilets many times a day, so we feel it is totally worth the investment.

    The adjustable water temperature is a great addition for those cold nights and mornings. Easily installed in minutes, it will allow you to cut down on toilet paper consumption by 75% to 100%.

    Both of our male and female staff had no problem using it, and the feedback was remarkable. It’s your turn to make the change; we promise you won’t regret it!


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  • Ultimate Strength & Comfort Non-Slip Bath Pillow

    The Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow features seven heavy-duty suction cups to keep it in place in any tub, spa or jacuzzi.

    The cushion is made of ultra soft waterproof material with more than 2" of luxurious padded foam for incredible comfort and support for your head, neck and shoulder. You can finally bring your bed to the bath.

    The waterproof material dries quickly and keeps mildew out. It has an amazing 10-year refund policy, but we loved it so much we don’t think we will get to use the warranty. Yes, it’s that good.


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  • Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer with Stand

    We all know this moment: you used up more than half of your toothpaste, so you start to frantically squeeze  every little bit of remaining toothpaste to the top of the tube. It's testing your patience, killing your fingers, and wasting your time.

    Enough of that!

    With its ingenious Japanese design, the Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer finally solves this daily frustration and enables you to squeeze ALL the remaining toothpaste effortlessly.


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  • Width-Adjustable Storage Rack Over Any Appliance

    This innovative yet simple shelf  is adjustable so it can fit over any washing/drying machine!

    Hang your towels on the metal bar and store your toiletries on two metal bar shelves.

    What a nifty way to create extra storage space!


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  • Dual Toilet Paper Dispenser with Stand

    Every house needs a toilet paper dispenser so why not buy a more practical one?

    Not only do you have a place for your phone, the unscratchable aluminum top also acts as a protector to overly energetic pets that have a passion for jumping on toilet rolls and spinning it.

    The fact it can hold two paper rolls is already awesome because you’ll never run out at the worst possible time! Couples will love this product if one likes hard toilet paper and the other one likes soft.


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  • Soap Dish with a Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Holder

    This suction cup technology is what our staff is most impressed with.

    Personally, I would definitely pay a little extra for something this reliable instead of the normal Soap holders you see at Wal-Mart. It has been SGS certified to hold up to fifteen pounds. That’s pretty amazing considering how small this thing is. So unless you have a twenty-pound razor or soap bar, I highly suggest you buy this product for your kitchen or bathroom.

    And the best thing is that there is no need for power tools or ugly holes in your walls!


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  • Towel Hooks with a Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Holder

    This hook features an "Advanced SGS-Certified Suction Cup Technology", which makes it extremely strong, yet super easy to install.
    No tools, no drills, no holes in your walls! You simply place the product anywhere you see fit, turn the knob to tighten the suction cup, and this heavy-duty hook will be able to hold anything up to 15 lbs!
    Made of Solid Rust-Proof Stainless Steel, this elegant and modern item is the perfect answer for those in need of a reliable, stylish and convenient hook.


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