About us

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"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand."

F. Herbert

What we do

At Home Outside The Box, you’ll discover innovative home products you never knew existed, but will revolutionize the way you live.

Our staff spent thousands of hours researching and experimenting countless products. We surveyed home-interior experts, geeky engineers, and inventors; we read every page of every home improvement forum; we dug through the confines of Amazon; we bought and tested and played around with thousands of products; and finally, we kept the very few ones that amazed us with their ingenuity, and featured them in concise and categorized lists.

All that, so you can simplify your life and keep updated with the coolest stuff out there!  

Those are the very products that will benefit your daily routine so much you’ll wonder how you survived all those years without them.

They’re the next big things that are so innovative you won’t resist the urge to show them off.

They’re the perfect gifts that are sure to impress and inspire your loves ones.

Finally, all products we feature are available on Amazon.com, the most convenient and trusted online shopping platform. So you can now shop with confidence, knowing superior quality and revolutionary products will be shipped to your door in a reliable, timely fashion!


Our motivation

We believe that every house should be a place of fun and creativity. Home Outside The Box was founded to share with the world our passion for innovation, so that every family can have the opportunity to achieve a simpler and smarter lifestyle.

Our biggest satisfaction comes when we receive heart-warming comments about we helped people solve their s daily problems. This really is what pushes us to keep working hard and surprise our readers with revolutionary life-changing products.


Ease of use

What our readers love about Home Outside The Box is its simplicity.

Unlike other websites that are overloaded with thousands of different products, we kept our selection very exclusive. Remember, we want to help you save time. So we went straight to the point, cut through the clutter, and only featured products that we would actually buy for ourselves.

Since our goal is to surprise you with revolutionary inventions, what we feature needs to be unique, unknown to the popular masses, and not commonly found in the average American household. Additionally, all products must combine sleek design and clever innovation.

Finally, we sorted all this amazing stuff into clean, ad-free and easy-to-navigate lists.

This strict selection process is what made us Internet's most trusted and convenience place for discovering new innovative products.


In the end, you decide

Our lists are curated by our readers. For any product, we give anyone the possibility to like or dislike it. Just look for the thumbs up/down after each product description!

We take every feedback very seriously. We constantly update our lists with what our readers liked most, and remove products that weren't as popular. That's just another way to save you time!